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Tracking app for health and training programs

Service for health&wellness couches

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Communication platform for you and your clients

We provide a web-console for you and a mobile app + equipment rental for your clients

Get data from your clients

Questionnaires, measurments and more

You will be sure that clients follow your program

Your program is transformed into todo-tasks for each day

You can analyze program effectiveness

See what works and what doesn't, where is the bottleneck

How your program will look like


Tracker App

Tracker app for your clients shows a todo-list for each day. Measurements, lab tests, exercises, surveys, food/drinks, drugs and supplements are examples of tasks.


Our app monitors execution and reminds user about potentially missing daily tasks. This way your program is fully followed.


You can see clients progress and adjust the program depending on the results of the measurements,
lab tests, daily check-ins, and issues with following.


Bioelectrical impedance scales, sleep and metabolism trackers, other latest gadgets and fitness equipment for rent. They will significantly increase chances of achieving the goals of the program.

How it works

desk computer workspace

We coordinate with you

Coach or our team adds the program to the application and suggests which gadgets and equipment may be relevant to the client.

workout home fitness

Client receives the equipment, installs the app and starts measuring his progress.

Your plan will be a list of todo tasks for each day with instructions. It remains only to mark them and enter data that he measures.

website statistics analytics

You track his progress and update the program

Client sees his progress in the app, you see it in your web-console. Now you have data to analyze and improve his program and your protocol in general.

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